Staying Occupied

We’re a good 10 days into our new normal: Mandated Self-Isolating. If you are working from home, hopefully you’ve settled into a routine. If you have kids at home, hopefully they too have successfully settled into their new home-schooling routine. Now that we’re conquering the strangeness of maintaining our daily routine of getting up at our normal times showering and dressing for the day, working or studying, eating our meals at their regular time, and going to bed at our normal time – even though we aren’t leaving the house – we’re probably finding ourselves with a little more time…

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I admit, it’s been a long while since I’ve written a blog. But in light of our current situation it felt like the right time. For many of us the realization of how drastically, and quickly, our lives are changing is really settling in. Kids are out of school, many jobs are on hold for the foreseeable future, entire cities and states are on near lockdown status, and there is so much uncertainty about when this will all end. This is such a trying time right now and if you’re self-isolating, even with your family, it’s so easy to feel…

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Company Is Coming

Photo courtesy of Louise Townsend I love the holidays. I love gathering with my family and friends, cooking up huge feasts, throwing parties, and – my favorite – hosting overnight guests in my home. I look forward to the time spent with my overnight guests. From big breakfasts in our pajamas to a glass of wine by the fire in the evening. When I host overnight guests their comfort is my priority; I want them to feel like they’re staying at a luxury hotel where no detail has been overlooked. And this starts with making sure the guest bedroom and…

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Saying Goodbye To The City

We’d been talking about it for a while; whether or not we still loved living in the city like we did once upon a time; whether or not living with the traffic, the noise, in the flight path for Sea-Tac flight, and the other inconveniences of a growing city were worth it. We talked about leaving behind some of the conveniences of the city too. How much would we miss all of the dining options, easy access to the airport, Pike Place Market? And we also talked, at length, about whether or not we were ready for a change like this.…

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Summer entertaining starts now

Image via: Pinterest   Long days, warm evenings, and time to catchup with friends over leisurely meals on the patio. These are some of my favorite things about summer. There’s something magical about long evenings spent catching up with friends over glasses of chilled white wine and casual dinners; under a dusky sky with the fairy lights just starting to twinkle. It feels romantic and carefree, the way summer should feel. With summer entertaining getting underway here in Seattle I thought I’d share a few tips for setting up your outdoor space as well as my  current favorites for dining…

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