Instagram Inspiration: Jo Rodgers

Last summer, while researching images for my luxury train travel post, I came across the Instagram account of Jo Rodgers. Jo is a travel and lifestyle writer for Vogue who, according to her bio, is wild about tea, Georgian houses, and books. Her Instagram account is a lovely  peek into her daily life and on any given day she’ll share with you her latest travel adventure, her lovely writing desk in her Georgian home in London, her favorite cheese shop, her favorite bookshop, or her plans for a dinner party. Her feed is a visual feast of cozy interiors, breathtaking landscapes, wanderlust…

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Interior Design: The Farm Kitchen

Often a house just needs someone to recognize its potential. As was the case for the farmhouse of a former chicken farm in desperate need of rescuing. When the clients found the farmhouse it had been updated and added on to over the years, resulting in a warren of hallways connecting spaces, and creating odd dead-ends. Seeing the possibilities laying beyond its current state they took a chance on it. After working with an architect to unravel the hallways and dead-ends the homeowners turned to me for help to realize their perfect kitchen. Their desire was to be respectful of the…

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Inspiration: Christmas Tree Ideas

While Christmas is nearly here I have yet to put up my tree. Living in a small house even the skinniest of trees takes up precious floor space and so our tradition has become to put the tree up just a week before Christmas. Until then we decorate the mantle, put a wreath on the door, hang holiday cards from friends and loved ones on the mirror frame, snuggle in front of the fire, and scour the internet for photos of beautifully decorated trees. So, if you’re like me and waiting to put up your tree or you’re still looking…

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Interior Design: Dark Walls

While the calendar officially marked the arrival of autumn late last month it feels as though it has finally arrived here in Seattle. With it’s crisp, sunny days, leaves crunching under foot, and the smell of woodsmoke in the air, I think autumn is my favorite season. The arrival of autumn also signals a shift of focus from outdoors to indoors, from balmy evenings spent with friends under twinkling patio lights to candle-lit evenings in front of the fireplace, from spaces that are light and bright to spaces that are duskier and more intimate. Indoor spaces painted a deep, rich…

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The 5th Wall

How often have you walked into a space and noticed the ceiling? Our eye often goes immediately to the art, the furnishings, or the floor. But those who look up are often rewarded, especially in public spaces, where the ceiling is frequently addressed. We designers love to embrace the ceiling as part of the overall design plan for a space. Sometimes referred to as the fifth wall, the ceiling presents us with the opportunity to expand our design vision, to add a little more texture or dimension to the space, to reinforce a color story, or to get a bit more…

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