A Taste of Morocco

I love the start of a new project. Especially when the project is with a past client. And this client in particular was so much fun last time that I’m really looking forward to working with her again. She just purchased a new home and this time we’re starting with her outdoor living area and will work our way indoors. The outdoor area is a blank slate, literally. The builder finished her side and backyard with a load of gravel. That’s it! So with nothing to hinder her imagination she’s decided she wants a Moroccan inspired backyard escape. Her wish list…

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From Pinterest: 20 Images of Classic Homes

There is something about summer that brings to mind classic architecture. Perhaps it’s thoughts of the Hampton’s with it’s classic shingled homes with their beautiful hydrangeas, or the grand summer cottages at Newport with their stately facades, or English manor houses with rolling lawns perfectly set for afternoon tea. Click the image above to start the slideshow. All photos via Pinterest

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All Aboard

If you’ve ever returned from vacation to face the endless security lines at the airport and the herding of passengers onto the plane, where you struggle to find space in the overhead bin for your carry-on bag and wait for the drinks and snack carts to roll past your seat at the rear of the plane, hoping that they have anything left to snack on besides pretzels, then consider a luxury train trip for your next vacation. Imagine the anticipation of stepping from the station onto the platform, hearing the whistle in the distance, feeling the rumble of the approaching train, and…

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From Pinterest: 30 Images of Life At The Beach

It’s Tuesday already and I still can’t seem to pull my thoughts from lazy, hazy afternoons at the beach. Images of beach umbrellas and campfires, boardwalks and cozy shelters, and lovely picnics for two keep my mind wandering back to the weekend. Click the image above to start the slideshow. All photos via Pinterest

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Let’s Go Glamping

I love the idea of camping – the whole great outdoors, unplugging from technology, getting back to basics, communing with nature, cooking on a camp stove, sleeping in a tent, telling ghost stories around the campfire, eating s’mores, cuddling up with your favorite person to stay warm thing – it seems so romantic. In reality I have issues with the sleeping part. It doesn’t bother me to sleep in a tent but the thought of sleeping on the ground, in a sleeping bag – that is nylon on the inside – that I have to zip myself into, on a thin little…

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