Go Outside

Go Outside

Can you believe Memorial Day is THIS weekend?? I don’t know how it got here so quick but I’m not loving this whole “time flies” thing. Anyway, as long as it’s here, and since it marks the unofficial start of the summer season, I started thinking about getting outside. More specifically out to the patio, or deck, or whatever you call your outside space.

I spend every winter looking out my kitchen window at the green covers on my patio furniture, waiting impatiently for the rain to stop, the plants to start budding, and the temperatures to climb into the 70’s. The minute that happens I’m out there ripping the covers off the furniture, hanging the garden lights, cracking open a bottle of chilled white wine, and planting myself in my favorite spot. It’s my little bit of heaven and it’s right outside of my back door.

Now that better weather has arrived and my patio is serving it’s intended purpose the inevitable “what’s missing from this picture?” has begun. This year it’s an outdoor rug. So I got online the other day and started looking for said rug. Which lead to hours of goggling at all of the fabulous outdoor furniture and accessories out there this year. So to pretend that I didn’t waste all that time I decided to put that work into creating a couple of idea boards. ┬áTake a look and let me know which one you like best.

This look was inspired by that garden stool on the board below. I’m crazy about the colors and the chinoiserie feel. I can see myself sitting on that bench, sipping tea, and admiring the garden.


This coastal look was inspired by my love of, well, the coast. I love the laid back feeling of being at the beach; the sandy feet, wavy wind-blown hair, and the smell of sunscreen.



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