How I Work

At Wendy Fisher Interiors we believe that design is in everything you see, touch and use. It’s what makes an item immensely useful or maddeningly unusable. It’s thoughtful details that allow you to operate on auto-pilot in the morning or breeze through dinner prep at the end of a long day. It can influence success or failure. And if it’s really good it can change your life.


Our process begins with discovering what you truly want from your home; what’s important to you, how you envision living in your home, and what you want your home to say about you.

With that understanding we address the envelope of the space. By exploring with you the purpose of each space together we determine the ideal flow for the space, the proper placement of lighting, appropriate storage solutions, flooring, architectural details, and furniture arrangement. From the window treatments, to the furniture, to the rugs and everything in between we work with you to make selections that will result in your beautifully unique space.


We believe that traditions matter.They help us to feel connected to our families and give us a sense of belonging. Our goal is to help you incorporate your existing traditions into your home and discover what new traditions you want to embrace.


We also believe that quality is important. We collaborate with you to choose quality pieces that fit well with telling your unique story and creating rooms with longevity. From color palette to fabric coordination, from furniture selection to window treatment design we’re here to help you navigate the abundance of choices to arrive at your own unique space and ensure you’ll love your space for years to come.