Let’s Go Glamping

Let’s Go Glamping

I love the idea of camping – the whole great outdoors, unplugging from technology, getting back to basics, communing with nature, cooking on a camp stove, sleeping in a tent, telling ghost stories around the campfire, eating s’mores, cuddling up with your favorite person to stay warm thing – it seems so romantic. In reality I have issues with the sleeping part. It doesn’t bother me to sleep in a tent but the thought of sleeping on the ground, in a sleeping bag – that is nylon on the inside – that I have to zip myself into, on a thin little roll-up sleeping pad, with a rock poking me in the kidney all night, and my down jacket wadded up under my head for a pillow makes me cringe. I mean how am I supposed to commune with nature, cook on a camp stove, and tell great ghost stories if I haven’t had a good night’s sleep? That’s where glamping comes to the rescue.

A quick Google search for glamping sites delivered far more results than I thought possible.  Some of them are in pretty exotic locations and can carry a hefty price tag. Keep in mind though that you’re getting a 5-star experience at these places, including things like camp staff to cook for you, fabulous adventures, spas, yoga, wine tasting, etc. If you can name it you can probably find a site that offers it. But I also found quite a few closer to home that are more reasonably priced – comparable to the cost of a nice hotel room.

Here are a couple that caught my eye. First on the list is the Pampered Wilderness inside the Millersylvania state park in Washington. Their tag line is The Art of Luxury Camping – I like the sound of that. The have 5 canvas cabins all sitting atop a raised wooden platform. Each cabin has a different theme – the Safari Suite cabin caught my eye. Four of the cabins have king size bed WITH memory foam mattresses – bonus in my book. The other cabin has 2 full size beds with memory foam mattresses. They all have electric heaters, BBQ grills, and a fire ring. I’ve think I found my glamping happy place.

The Lakedale Resort at Three Lakes in Friday Harbor also looks promising. Not only do they have 22 canvas cabins – one is a double and one is a bunk house that sleeps 6, they have yurts, standard campsites for the do-it-yourself-er’s, log cabins, RV campsites, a lodge and hotel, AND an Airstream trailer. The resort property is situated between 3 lakes and has grouped like accommodations together. All of their canvas cabins are also setup atop raised wood platforms and feature comfy cotton sheets and snuggly flannel duvets. Glampers are invited to join them for a complimentary continental breakfast in the mess tent, so no stumbling around trying to make coffee and tea first thing in the morning.. And to top it all off they also offer their Toasty Toes turndown, every night they will deliver two fleece-covered hot water bottles to your canvas cabin so that you’ll have toasty toes. You can also get married at this beautiful resort.

Here’s a quick look at the Airstream.

If you’re worried that by glamping inside a nice luxury canvas cabin you’ll miss the opportunity to fall asleep gazing at the stars then this site in west Yellowstone, Montana is for you. The head of the bed is recessed into a little alcove with a viewing window right above your head. That’s right, you can lay back and enjoy the overhead show from the comfort of your very own king-size bed. And with an ensuite bath you can spare yourself the late night or early morning trek to the communal bathroom.

Glamping Hub – Yellowstone, Montana

Thinking of a wedding or corporate retreat glamping adventure? Check out Shelter Co. they will provide you with everything you need for your event at a site of your choosing anywhere it the US. They will take care of all of the tents and furnishings you need, set it all up, tear it all down, and even provide Camping Butlers to tend fires, handle luggage, etc.


If an official glamping site isn’t in the cards for you, or your still want to hang with your regular camping pals but – you know glam it up a bit, or your just looking to up your backyard camping experience below are few ideas. And please always remember no real candles in your tents. It’s way to dangerous and there are so many battery powered candles now that there is no excuse.


Hope you all have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.