Out Of Town

Out Of Town

I hope you had a relaxing 3-day weekend. We spent the weekend in my happy place – Port Townsend. It’s a fun, laid-back, town on the northeastern most tip of the Olympic Peninsula. It boasts the largest collection of Victorian era homes north of San Francisco. It’s the perfect place to hangout and do nothing or do everything.


Sunrise over Port Townsend Bay

I discovered a new shop in downtown Port Townsend called Bubble N Squeak (love the name).  And the proprietress, Dawn Mohrbacher, is as nice as she is passionate about what she is doing.

It’s a great shop full of odd, interesting, and fabulous finds from England.

This little guy’s name is Oliver, he’s a tufted ear squirrel. Now he lives under a glass cloche (removed for the photo). Seems the British have a thing for taxidermy.

This silver and leather clock was really interesting. Very masculine, made me think of Ralph Lauren. It would make a really nice mantel clock. And, well, I love the lamp in the shape of a crane.

These biscuit barrels we’re fabulous. One may or may not have come home with me. And if it did it’s similar to the one on the right. Love that pheasant in the picture behind the barrels

The lion guarding the fuzzy key rings was amazing.

Happy hour on the beach felt perfectly decadent.


We spent an afternoon on Marrowstone Island. With, of course, a stop at the Marrowstone Vineyards winery. Don’t know if you can tell from the photo below but that weather vane is in the shape of a wine bottle and wine glasses. It’s the little details that make life interesting.

Marrowstone Vineyards winery building


The view of Puget Sound from the upper deck of the winery building.

A little further around the island is Mystery Bay. A beautiful little bay with sail boats and working boats.

Mystery Bay


Fishing boats on Mystery Bay


Oyster shell mound at Mystery Bay

And we couldn’t leave without a visit to Finnriver Farm & Cidery for a glass of cider and some Dented Buoy pizza. The grounds are beautiful and they have lots of games to keep everyone entertained.



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