The Art Of The Pied-A-Terre

The Art Of The Pied-A-Terre

I was out wandering around the interwebs recently, looking at real estate in Paris when I happened upon a Parisian real estate and design website that immediately grabbed my attention. Of course, there are lots of Parisian real estate websites but the work that A+B Kasha does is so beautiful that I just couldn’t look away.

If you’re not familiar with A+B Kasha they specialize in the restoration and sale of  historic French luxury apartments primarily in the 6th arrondissement – the Saint-Germain-des-Prés area of Paris. Their concept is simple: An apartment in Paris should bring together iconic character and elegance with practical luxury: This is the art of the pied-à-terre, and it is our passion, our profession. And their execution of this concept is flawless as you can see in the before and after photos below.

Let’s start with the bathrooms. I love that this dark kitchen was reimagined as a beautiful, light filled, bathroom. Placing the tub below the window in the slanting roofline is a great use of a sometimes awkward space.

Doesn’t this bathroom just seem to feel better about itself? It has a new entrance, the glass enclosure keeps the shower from feeling like a closet, and the console sink is so beautiful with it’s curvy legs.

Replacing the existing window with a shorter window still preserves the view and the natural light and creates the perfect space for the paneled bathtub.

This sad little bathroom got a new life as a swoon worthy closet.


We do all love the all white Parisian apartment but look at how fabulous this one is with the stained wood door and the wood paneling in the space beyond.

Same idea here – white walls to stained paneling. Stunning.

In this salon removing the teal carpet and staining all of the wood paneling – dramatic and beautiful.

More simple changes here, like closing up that opening in the room divider, removing the 3 medallions from the plaques on the front of the fireplace surround, and painting the dining area a deep, moody color.

The transformation here is amazing. Removing the carpeting and adding that set of doors and built-in bookcases makes this dining room unrecognizable from it’s former life. And that wall color in the after photo. I don’t know the exact color but I LOVE it.

Okay! Just wow! Removing the angled fireplace and bookcase and replaced them with two built-in cabinets that creates a recess for the sofa adds character. Painting the room RED is brilliant.

Adding wainscoting and trim details gives this space new life. And adding a door where the radiator used to be creates so much interest by giving us a peek into the bedroom.

Here again simple changes, and I don’t mean simple as in it only took a weekend – I mean simple as in thoughtful and graceful, like removing the cabinet next to the door, adding wood flooring, getting rid of the texturing on the walls, and painting out the dark beams give the space a fresh feeling.

Even small cosmetic changes to an exterior can make a huge difference. Being able to take the bars off of the windows is always a plus. Changing the shutters on the ground floor windows to match the first floor shutters, removing the door shutters all together and replacing the front door give the the facade a cohesive look. And the finishing touch is the new glass awning, the light fixture, and the potted plants. Small changes but effective.

**all photo images courtesy of A+B Kasha

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